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Mokajade is where design and function merge and become beautiful wooden pieces. Every piece is handcrafted in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, with an acute attention to detail. Here we absolutely love to see raw materials take shape into something so tactile and tangible and most importantly functional.

Here in our little shop, wood is our business and design is our pride! Everything that we make is a reflection on our business and that’s why we strive for near-perfection (notice how I didn’t state perfection, since face it…nobody is perfect!)

We make beautiful things for the home and most importantly for you! We make everything from wearable art such as pendants,  to magnet boards which is a great addition to any home office.

We love to combine alternative material such as metal and epoxy resin with wood. It’s all about enhancing the warm, tactile and lustrous quality of the wood.

Thank you for visiting!