Jewellery Techniques

Acrylic & Walnut Series 

 Acrylic acetate is a translucent-colored plastic with an iridescent appearance offering wonderful swirls and marbling patterns. Although this is not a natural product, how it is made is very fluid. The fluidity is unpredictable in color, dimension and the overall appearance which results in unique, one of a kind pieces.  Fused with walnut this series always surprises!




Brass & Walnut Series

Brass is an alloy metal consisting of copper and zinc.  It is a great material to work with and the color complements the deep rich tones of walnut exquisitely.  Utilizing brass as a connector, bridges the scroll saw lines, and thus, creates great aesthetic and functional qualities in each piece.





Epoxy Resin Series

Epoxy resin is a 2 part clear mixture that once mixed together, it creates a chemical reaction that cures hard over 2 full days.  Using primarily translucent dyes to tint the mixture, gives our pieces wonderful depth.  Since the color epoxy resin is mixed manually in small batches, the colors will vary slightly from piece to piece.  Epoxy resin, once cured is a hard wearing, colorfast material that will last for a long time.